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Ron James at Fallsview Casino October 14th & 15th!!

Friday July 18th, 2014
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Ron James is returning to Fallsview Casino for 2 nights - October 14th & 15th - and tickets are now on sale! Be in the audience for the taping of Ron's upcoming CBC New Year's Eve special. Here's the link for tickets:

TONIGHT on The Ron James Show - Episode #8

Monday April 14th, 2014
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In this episode: THE WRONG STUFF ~ a WW2 flying ace gets grounded; , Buell Crawford takes on an anti~bullying advocate in CCON 95.1; LIL RONNIE goes to the movies; and Bobby DeNiro ponders Maritimers love for fiddle music. Guest stars: Tracey Hoyt, Kathy Maloney, Eric Peterson.

The Ron James Show - Episode #7

Monday April 7th, 2014
Category: news

In this episode: another instalment of FROM THE CBC VAULTS features the comically garish Quebec sitcom MONSIEUR POPO; LIL RONNIE confronts bully Bucky Lutley on the baseball diamond; in BIRTHDAY BLACK-OUT, a suspect under interrogation has a surprise for his captor; and a commercial parody celebrates beloved thirst quencher WIENER WATER, a taste-treat that Is sure to raise your sodium levels. Guest stars: Scott Thompson, Linda Kash, Marty Adams, Juan-Carlos Velis, Kathy Maloney.

The Ron James Show - Episode #6

Monday March 31st, 2014
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In this episode: OFFICE SAFETY ~ in this parody of 1970s safety videos, we look at the hazards of the office photocopier; Ron introduces LIL RONNIE ~ the North Korean version; Buell Crawford confronts a clean energy advocate in CCON 95.1; self-help guru Erskin Toob has some advice for his followers; and HORRIBLE LIFE puts a modern day spin on a classic film. Guest stars: Linda Kash, Marty Adams, Paul Bates, Leslie Seiler, Murray Furrow, Emmanuel Kabongo.

The Ron James Show - Episode #5

Monday March 24th, 2014
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In this episode: another instalment of FROM THE CBC VAULTS looks at PRAIRIE OUTLAW, the series that miraculously ran for 27 years, despite the fact that all episodes were set in a single jail cell; in CASTING CALL, a theatre director takes an unusual approach to identifying a suspect in a police line-up; LIL RONNIE and Cousin Davey play with fire and encounter some unexpected wildlife; and Buell Crawford confronts a breast-feeding advocate in CCON 95.1. Guest stars: Rick Roberts, Karen LeBlanc, Daniel Kash, Allana Harkin.

The Ron James Show - Episode #4

Monday March 17th, 2014
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In this episode: ZOMBIE VACCINE ~ about to be attacked by Zombies, a man refuses to take the recently discovered antidote that could save him ~ because of a life-long fear of needles; the new feature OFFICE SAFETY, a parody of 1970s safety videos ~ in this instalment, we look at the debilitating effects of the Monday blahs; and Ron introduces us to the first instalment of LIL RONNIE ~ the HBO version! Guest stars: Pat McKenna, Marty Adams, Kathy Maloney, Paul Bates, Leslie Seiler, Murray Furrow.

The Ron James Show - Episode #3

9:30PM- CBC Television

Monday March 10th, 2014
Category: news

In this episode: GHEDI~ three wealthy friends have their boat overtaken by Somali pirates but think they are in the clear when one of them recognizes the leader; in FROM THE CBC VAULTS, host Elroy Faber looks back at the incredibly successful 70s cop series BANNERMAN & WOSNEWSKI; in another instalment of BOBBY DeNIROs CANADA, Bobby ponders the curious linguistic stylings heard in Newfoundland; C-CON 95.1 host Buell Crawford takes on a cycling fanatic; and LIL RONNIE forgets to open the window when making monster models and the glue fumes result in some rather interesting hallucinations. Guest stars: Rick Roberts, Emmanuel Kabongo, Jim Annan, Patrick McKenna, Sandy Jobin- Bevans, Mike Wilmot, Aurora Browne.


Saturday March 1st, 2014
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Skates cutting the ice

On a cold, clear night,

Is the sound of our people singing.



Friday February 28th, 2014
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Stephen Harper said 'Canadian performers live a red carpet life.' Then he's welcome to live the road warrior's dream riding shot-gun with me anytime!

Ron James -TAKE NO PRISONERS tour coming to B.C. this May!

Tickets now on sale

Monday February 3rd, 2014
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New B.C. dates for the TAKE NO PRISONERS Live Tour are NOW ON SALE!

Head to the Ron James Live Tour Dates section to get yours.

Thanks for your faith in the funny!

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